Academic accreditation

A panel of trained 和 expert Accreditors will look at your programme’s content 和 delivery, including its relevance, 一致性, 挑战, 评估, 人员配备, quality assurance 和 resources, 和 will make recommendations to the Academic 认证 Committee which is responsible for all accreditation decisions.

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Why choose the 专业?

We’re one of the world’s leading professional societies for engineers 和 technicians 和 our accreditation covers a whole range of subjects including electrical, 电子, 制造业, 机械, systems 和 software engineering including bioengineering, nanotechnology 和 renewable energy. It’s recognised globally as an indicator of quality through the Washington 和 Sydney accords, which are governed by the International Engineering Alliance (IEA).

Once accredited, your programmes will be featured in the 专业 Accredited Programmes list 和 you will be eligible to apply for the EUR-ACE label, awarded by the European Network for 认证 of Engineering Education (ENAEE). Your graduates will benefit from a more straightforward process when applying for professional registration.

How does it work?

认证 works alongside your Quality Assurance processes to ensure that your programmes are continually improving 和 in line with the latest best practice.

You’ll be listed on the Engineering Council’s 认证 Database (ACAD) 和 you will be able to use the 专业 Accredited Programme logo 和 the Engineering Council 认证 logo on promotional material 和 programme documentation.

You can submit your accreditation application online via 亚当斯, our bespoke accreditation management software which will guide you through the process from start to finish. You can also speak to your dedicated account manager.

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How your students will benefit

Being about to start (or already enrolled on) an 专业 accredited course is part of the eligibility criteria for many 专业 Scholarships 和 Prizes, including the Diamond Jubilee Scholarships 和 Engineering Horizons Bursaries, supported through a mixture of 专业 charitable funds 和 donations from key engineering 和 technology organisations.

It also helps improved graduate employability by linking to UK-SPEC, ensuring that your students have developed the appropriate skills 和 knowledge for an engineering career 和 professional registration.

Become an Academic Accreditor

If you’re an external examiner, a course leader or programme director, a member of a review committee, part of a quality assurance auditing agency, or simply have knowledge 和 experience in the Higher Education sector, you could become an academic accreditor. Learn more about applying.


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